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Hello world, which is probably only fangles. This post is dedicated to you because u are ever so kind to read my interesting blog, although i promoted it to so many people during our lunch date back in december. Its alright, they are missing out on some awesome goodness here.

I first met fangles in JC and can you believe it that the very first time i met her in the hall, i asked her a question and i got dao-ed by her. AND IN CLASS, REJECTION ONCE MORE. Later in the year, i asked her why and she said it was because my sitting posture was terrible and CAME FROM A SCARY GIRLS SCHOOL. THIS WOMAN.

But i charmed her later on with my interesting sense of humour and she immediately fell for it and decided that i was the only one worthy to be her friend. This was how our friendship blossomed. We stuck to each other like practically 24/7 in school, although suyash was sooooo angry with me. We went for lectures together, sat in tutorials together ( which is probably the worse decision of our lives ) and had so many poop dates in school. Its amazing how our poop timings were always in sync fangles 😉 . And she really understands my jokes, not like daphne who only wants to make use of me to record lectures for her.

Fangles currently studies at NUS and guess what, she managed to get a 5.0 for her first term and even made it into the dean’s list with some extra help from her tutor 😉 yknw what i am talking about. I take credit for her results this term because if i hadn’t befriended her, she would not have developed her brain so well such that it is so holistically developed.

And Fangles, is so sweeeeett. When i told her i miss bak chor mee, she sent me the following recipe, telling me to learn to cook bak chor mee. What she doesn’t know is that her friend here, has such terrible cooking skills that a simple recipe like this might kill her flatmates and herself if she ever attempts to cook. But dont worry, i will master it and cook it for you when i am back in march. Hopefully i am still alive by then.

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An Old Man’s Birthday

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This is Bach, my 14 year old rough collie. He’s been with me since i was 6 and we bought him from our neighbour who moved from australia with their 3 rough collies. So, my dad always says that he is australian. I dont get along that well with him cause since young, he has constantly been biting me. And ONLY ME. IDK WHY. But anyways, i still love him alot although not as much as the other 2 puppies in the house. And i can really see signs of ageing in him because now he has difficulties standing up and doesnt play with his siblings anymore. All he does, is lie in a corner and bark when he smells dogs out in the neighbourhood.  He is my father’s best friend and he loves watching soccer, cause my dad will make him lie beside him to watch it. Nonetheless, i still miss his bitings. And dont deny, he is very very handsome for a dog.

My Fav Boy in da world

Brick Heck is the quirkiest and cutest little boy i have ever seen. He’s from the middle and no one watches this show, but me and my family. So in a way we are weird like him and i like. He always whispers to himself and maybe one day, i should start doing this to annoy the hell out of people as well.


Week 3 Reflective Journal

By studying this course, I hope to have a better background on both the English legal system and to build a better foundation to prepare me for the LLB programme that I would take up at university

 So far, I have understood about the differences in the civil and criminal system. This includes the differences in proceedings and problems. I have also learnt about the differences in terms of educational requirements between barristers and solicitors.

As I have never taken up law, all the concepts are foreign to me. Hence, I find it rather difficult to understand the many law concepts that are taught in class. I often need to go back and revise before catching the main concepts.

I need to know more about the principles behind many of the sentencing as this would allow me to understand the entire concept of criminal law better.

I am taught using a law manual and power point slides where the law tutor explains in depth regarding each of the chapter.


Week 2 Reflective Journal

The teaching style here in the uk is very much more relaxed as compared to what I have experienced in Singapore. It might be due to the tight schedule that we have back at home.



The workload here in the UK is much less than what I have back home in Singapore. There are much fewer assignments and tests as compared to the work I have back in Singapore. This is probably due to the difference in the number of subjects that has to be covered.



The friendships I have forged so far, both in and out of class are stronger what I have back home. This might be due to the fact that we spend majority of our time together.


The class sizes here are also smaller, 14 compared to 22 back in Singapore      





Expectations of teachers are roughly about the same as both Singapore and UK teachers expect students to behave themselves and pay attention during class times.


Week 1 Reflective Journal

 My first impression of the UK would be the number of international students that the universities have each year. I met students of different nationalities and there was even an immigration queue especially dedicated to students. Custom officers and people that I met were all really friendly and helpful as well.

 Upon arrival of Brighton, I was pretty shocked to find how lovely the weather was. It was not like anything described by my friends. It was sunny, windy and the right kind of cold. It also gave me the impression that people here liked dogs a lot as everywhere I went, I could see dogs on leashes with their owners.



Here are mine! Meet Bach, Roxy and Miley

 At University, I plan to study Law. And when I graduate in the future, I hope to become a lawyer. To be more specific, a criminal lawyer as I find the thrill in seeking justice for the society.

Dorm Life

After a gruelling 13 hour flight, i arrived at Paris house which was my hostel. I had the shock of my life because the place was so run down and old. And worst of all, i was left standing outside my door for 30 minutes with all my luggages because the supervisor was not around. Finally after like 30 minutes of waiting,the supervisor came to bring us around the place and man was i shocked at the condition of the house. hahaha. So here’s the view outside of my room; it faces the train and it comes ever so often.


Pictures of the rooms in Paris house.